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Connor Franta Deals With Depression in New Book

Connor Franta’s new book Note to Self is coming and it looks and sound juicy! Franta just dropped a very gorgeous trailer after a countdown on his YouTube channel. The trailer dropped yesterday.

The book will be available to order on April 18th. The trailer is almost like a tome poem to living. Franta waxes poetic:

I think it’s time I shared my insides. Show you my light and hold your hand in my dark. Take you to my highest highs and down to my lowest lows… 

Pretty intense and attention grabbing for a book trailer.

The book is being published by Keywords Press, a Simon & Schuster and will hit shelves April 18th. Franta’s official statement about the book is equally as intense and beautiful as his book trailer:

“I’ve been working in secret on this book for well over a year now and I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out,” Franta wrote of the endeavor on YouTube. It will comprise essays, stories, poetry, and photography covering a range of issues including clinical depression, social anxiety, breakups, and self-love. “I share a part of me I rarely show to…well, anyone. I’m not going to lie, it’s a very emotional read, and manages to fill a spectrum of colors.”


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