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Contrachloe has a Message for Jake Paul…

Former Viner Contrachloe is best known for her “Who is she” Vine which went viral. You’ve seen the mini clip of the girl bobbing her head and all of a sudden, BOOM she turns around braces bright and shades ready!

Welp, Jake Paul decided it would be funny to reenact the famous clip and though it seemed like a fun idea; it didn’t turn out that way. “Don’t let Vine die….” Paul caption the clip.

Chloe then tweeted a very straightforward and honest reply saying “Hey Jake! That’s my Vine! I would say “in the future, tag me!” But there is no future…” See the rest below:

Clap back at its finest! What do you think? Did Chloe have the right to ask to be tagged? Here’s a comment from a tweeter;

So what was Jake’s direct reply to Chloe? Simply….

What do you guys think?



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