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Couples Night Is Back With A Very Special Guest Appearance

Couples Night is back with a brand new season, and we are already living for the theme that they’ve got going on this time around.

For any of you who haven’t been keeping up, first off, shame on you, but secondly, we’ll give you a little recap. Basically, it was all about the infamous work husband last season, and the twist ending that revealed who exactly it was still has us laughing.

This season has a different vibe though.

Ominously titled ‘Trapped’ the setup for this season is that the radiation from people’s phone have made it so that the town is effectively in quarantine and everyone needs to stay inside their homes. Naturally, the first thing that everyone does is panic, and well, we can only assume it goes downhill from there.

Check out the first full episode of the season down below, and don’t forget to keep up to date this season! We have a feeling it could potentially be their best one yet.

Oh yea, and make sure you check out our very own Hayley Delaine who is dropping that Influencer news on tv before getting cut off when the world starts to end. You know, casual.


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