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Check Out Our Exclusive Look At Couples Night Season 6, There’s A War Brewing!

Finally, “Couples Night” has returned but these once happy couples are now in an all-out war.  The show’s sixth season is back with a vengeance.

Fans of the show know that each season has a crazy theme and this one is no different.  The couples are usually paired up but a competition has started a war that left the girls on one side and the guys on another.

We need a name for this Album Cover 🤣

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The couples are facing each other in a paintball match and you won’t believe what’s at stake.  If the ladies win, they got an all expenses paid couples trip to the Bahamas.  If the guys win, they get an all-boys no-girls allowed Las Vegas vacation.  The guys mean business but may have been a little too confident.  The girls have been training for three months!  My money’s on the ladies because there’s nothing like the fear of your man acting a fool on a boys trip to Vegas to motivate the hell out of you!

Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong opens up the trailer for the very exciting season six of Couples Night assuring us we won’t want to miss it!

“This season means war.  Not just any war, a war between guys and girls!”

Who do you think is taking home the Win?!

Catch all six seasons here and see the first full episode of season six below!

Chapter 1 of 3: This Means War

Couples Night : This Means WarChapter 1 of 3: The BetWuz Good J Dormtainment Rome AdamW Jika Nurman Jordan Coleman Jasmine Luv Hollywood Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park#fbcouplesnight

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