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We Went Behind The Scenes Of Craft City With Slime Queen Karina Garcia!

Karina Garcia not only boasts over 6 million passionate YouTube subscribers, she also totally owns the title of “Slime Queen”.

She just launched her very own make-your-own slime kits under her new line called Craft City with Karina Garcia, and you can grab them exclusively at Target stores. Each kit has enough to make 8 different slimes, so you can really go wild with your creations (or just make holiday gifts for your friends, because who doesn’t love slime?). In January of 2018, Target will also begin to carry the Crafty City Sleepover Collection, that will help you DIY bath bombs and lip kits.

We went to check out the launch of Crafty City and hear from Karina Garcia herself, as well as her friends, family, and fellow influencers like Kandee Johnson and Natalie Alzate, who all came out to the event to support her! Make sure to check out the video above to hear all about it.


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