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Crawford Collins’ Clothing Line Actually Looks Kinda Awesome

Another Influencer is dropping a clothing line, and this time it’s Crawford Collins.

He decided to have a little extra fun with his release though, and is holding a contest for his fans in which 5 winners will receive not only a piece of clothing from his collection, but also a FaceTime call with Crawford himself.

Even if you aren’t one of the winners, you will still receive early access to the clothing line before everyone else does, so really, the whole things seems like a win win to us.

So far, fans are loving this idea and are especially grateful for the fact that Crawford made sure to make the contest an international one.

Based off of the sneak peak looks we’ve already seen on his Twitter, we’re pretty big fans of a lot of the designs. Those sweatshirts in particular look like they’d be especially comfortable to sit around in and never take off.

Make sure to enter Crawford’s contest to get first access to his new merch!


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