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The Cult of ‘Poppy’ Is Going to Sundance!

We know you already know about the worm-hole land of Poppy, but did you know she is also now headed to Sundance? Here’s the official Sundance description in new category “indie episodic:”

’I’m Poppy (Director and writer: Titanic Sinclair) — Join Internet sensation Poppy as she enters the real world for the very first time and quickly realizes that fame and fortune comes at a price, with secret societies, dangerous fanatics and a very envious mannequin named Charlotte. Cast: Poppy Chan, Samm Levine, Dan Hildebrand, Brad Carter, Kofi Boakye, Madison Lawlor.

While director Sinclair and Poppy herself have all led us to believe we are all being had, we are supes jealous of everyone who will get to experience whatever amazing content ride their Sundance show will be.

While we wait to see what comes out of Sundance, here’s one of the videos that started it all!


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