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CupcakKe Drops New Song “Squidward Nose”

Chicago rapper CupcakKe bounced back with new music after being hospitalized earlier in the week.

On Monday night, CupcakKe posted a tweet that scared her peers and fans.  The singer shared that she wanted to commit suicide.  Shortly after, Elijah Daniel rushed to be by her side and provided updates.  The Chicago Police Department later confirmed that the rapper had been taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.  Once she was feeling well, she updated fans on social media letting them know that she has been fighting depression for a while and apologized for publicly sharing her that she felt like harming her self.  She also shared that she’s getting the help she needs which will enable her to be in a better place mentally and get back to releasing music.

Less than a week later, the CupcakKe fans know and love is back with a raunchy new track about preferring to ride Squidward’s nose over another man.  The track is the lead single off of a project set to be released later this year.

“His d–k smaller than my toes/ Yeah, yes, smaller than my toes/ His d–k smaller than my toes/ I’d rather ride Squidward Nose” 

The 21-year-old continues to rap about her sexual frustration on the explicit track and posted some equally R-rated fan artwork for the single on Twitter.

Press play below to hear CupcakKe’s “Squidward Nose” and hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know your thoughts on the new song!



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