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This YouTuber Shows Off The Craziest Cuphead Speedrun Yet!

It’s been out for a couple of weeks, so you’ve probably played Cuphead by now, or at least seen footage of indie developers StudioMDHR Entertainment’s campy, hand-animated run and gun bullet hell. It’s bursting with old-school charm and imaginative boss design. What better way to show appreciation and honor its creators than by crushing the game they spent seven years painstakingly developing in just an hour and a half. …With a dance mat.

YouTuber PeekingBoo, who runs the GameStomp challenges in which he defeats various games old and new with his DDR machine, realized while playing Cuphead casually that he might be able to do something very special. He recorded his second dance mat playthrough and, while it’s by no means a perfect run, it is a testament to the man’s ingenuity and dedication.

We can only imagine what the next milestone will be with this game. Perhaps a playthrough with the Donkey Konga bongos? Cuphead is available for Xbox One and PC. Additional content is expected to be in the pipeline, though the last official news we heard about that was halfway through development, way back in 2014. We like to think we’re Cuphead half-full people, though…


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