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YouTuber DaddyOFive Has Been Charged!

Family YouTuber DaddyOFive was under serious heat earlier this year when he was accused of child abuse from pranking his five children. Within just a few weeks following the massive public outrage, he lost custody of two children (these two, unlike the other 3, were from a previous marriage).

Now we’ve got an update on the story after months of silence on the matter. Philip DeFranco covered the update in his latest video, stating “Mike and Heather Martin are being charged with a crime. Specifically two counts of neglecting a minor.” They have been charged, not convicted. Their next court date was set for September 1st according to court documents, but has been postponed to September 11th and the request for a jury trial has been filed.

If convicted, the couple faces up to five years in prison and a max of $5,000 fine per charge. We hope the kids are doing okay.