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YouTube Couple DaddyOFive Has Been Sentenced

DaddyOFive Has Been Sentenced.

Mike and Heather Martin, also known as DaddyOFive haven’t had the best run on YouTube. Earlier in April, the couple faced heavy criticism for encouraging their children to hurt one another in so-called “pranks.” The couple was then charged with two counts of neglecting a minor.

Here’s a quick recap:

The verdict came in this week, and the couple has been sentenced to five years of probation after entering an Alford plea to neglect.

An Alford plea is where a defendant doesn’t admit guilt, but they to concede that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them.

As part of the conditions to this decision, the Martins are not allowed to contact the children involved in the case, or their biological mother Rose Hall, unless they receive court permission.

If they violate the terms, they could face up to 10 years in prison.

The Martins lost custody of both children in May after their biological mother took legal action against them. DaddyOFive is also prohibited from posting images of the children (Emma and Cody) on social media, unless it is done so for “family purposes.”

Although it’s a shame to have to report that terrible parenting decisions have undone this YouTube duo, we’re glad to report that the children are not under DaddyOFive’s custody and are in loving hands.