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Dance Your Way Into Our Interview With Montana Tucker!

Montana Tucker’s got all the moves, and if you don’t believe us, just check out her Instagram. Not only is she a dancer, Montana is a jack of all trades; being a musician, we knew we had to catch up with Montana and ask her the questions you’d naturally wanna know!

Ready to bust a move?

1. What inspired you to be a musician?

– Music has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up, I was obsessed with artists like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez. I begged my mom to take me to a Britney Spears concert and I think it was then that I realized I wanted to dance. I got really into dancing and did back up dancing for many different artists. While I was on stage dancing, I realized how much I loved performing and wanted to be a musician rather than just a dancer. The rest is history!

2. Who was your idol growing up?

– I would have to say Beyonce. She still is my idol. She is just an all around incredible person and artist; she’s an amazing role model.

3. Who is your dream collaboration?

– I would love to collaborate with Jennifer Lopez or Chris Brown!

4. It’s clear you’ve got all the moves. Which one of your IG dance vids is your fav?

– Thank you! That’s such a hard question because I feel they all are so different! I would say my latest dance video where I’m actually singing as well to “OMG” which is a cover I did of Camila Cabellos’ new song. I chose this one because it shows everyone both sides of me: music and dance.

5. There’s a dance battle between you and Lele, how close is it?

– Ah I wouldn’t consider it a battle at all. I would say Lele and I are a team!

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6. How has social media affected your career?

– Social media has definitely affected my career tremendously. It’s amazing to see people from all around the world loving what I do and following me on my social media. It’s really incredible how you can reach so many people.

7. What’s one other career you’d love to venture into?

– I eventually want to start my own clothing line and charity. Those will hopefully be coming very soon!

8. Any upcoming projects you can share with us?

– My music video for my first single “Remember Us” will be coming out very shortly that I’m so excited about! You can hear it on Spotify/iTunes now! I also worked on an exciting project with Cameron Dallas and the MagCon boys that will be coming out soon as well!

9. Do you catch any stage fright when performing?

– Performing on stage is actually where I feel the most comfortable. I think I block everyone and everything else out and turn into a different person while I”m on stage. I love performing more than anything!

10. When creating music, who do you draw inspiration from?

– I honestly find inspiration in many different aspects of my life. I get inspired by certain situations that happen to me whether it’s a relationship/friendship/etc. I also get inspired from hearing all different types of music and other people’s stories.