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‘The Dangers of Online Dating’ is Real AF + Very Funny!

Online dating is a legit nightmare for us all. ‘The Dangers of Online Dating’ heightens that premise to hilarious effects. Creator Brianne Nord-Stewart has created a unique character in her lead, a nurse who must overcome her fears (and her medical knowledge) in order to snag herself a man– think ‘Nurse Jackie’ meets ‘Sex in the City.’

Paula played by Paula Burrows comes by her fears about sex honestly. After all she sees all kinds of disgusting maladies every day in her work a Vancouver clinic. Her friends insist she needs some action, so they help her create some online dating profiles, of course.

What certainly separates this show is its unique character in Paula. The premise of finding love online is certainly not unique but this show has a fantastic original tone. We give it four out of five likes!



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