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Here Are Some Dark And Disturbing Theories About ‘Toy Freaks’ YouTube

We’re gonna warn you right away that the content within this article might be disturbing to some, and quite frankly, if it doesn’t disturb you, then that’s a problem.

YouTube has been under fire recently due to their algorithmic method that more or less allows for disturbing videos to be targeted towards young children and played off as kid friendly.

This is a wildly simplified version of the problem, which you can read more about if you so choose by simply googling ‘YouTube Kids controversy’. While that is definitely problematic, the real horror that we uncovered while researching this algorithm is the channel Toy Freaks.

Honestly, this YouTube channel doesn’t even look kid friendly to us on the surface. In fact, we immediately felt a deep sense of unease the second we saw that the thumbnails associated with nearly every video on the channel were of two young girls who were dressed up as babies (complete with a pacifier in their mouths) and an adult male dressed in a similar fashion.

Now aside from the fact that this seems to be a generally uncomfortable theme, it’s truly nothing compared to what the videos themselves are like.

The Toy Freaks channel is anything but the ‘kid friendly’ content it’s masquerading itself to be, and has left many people wondering if there is a deeper, darker underbelly that involves child abuse and even pedophilia.

We fully understand that the above are intense and heavy accusations, so we will simply be sharing with you all the information that we have gathered from the videos themselves, as well as other platforms, and leave it up to you to deduct your own opinions on what’s going on.

Toy Freaks originally started in 2012 back when Annabelle and Victoria (Greg Chism’s two daughters) were only 2 and 4 years old. We get that the channel has a schtick and theme to maintain, but it seems counterintuitive for a parent to be encouraging their children to act like babies when they are 9 and 7, and looks more so like infantilism than anything else.

On top of this, it seems especially naive and unsettling that a parent would dress their children up in a fetishized manner that would appeal to pedophiles in the first place. Look at Hollywood right now, this idea of sexual assault and pedophilia rings are no longer just rumors, they are beginning to come out as fact.

Conspiracy theorists have made it clear that they believe there to be some sort of pseudo pedophilia ring or communication going on through the comment section of many of Toy Freaks videos. Many even refer to the ‘pizzagate’ theory that is based upon the idea that there are code words such as ‘pizza’ that are being used as a form of communication between child abusers online.

We decided to go back to the beginning of the Toy Freaks channel to see if we too noticed anything strange in the comments section, and to be quite honest, we did.

Whether it’s adult men making sexually charged comments about how the girls (who are dressed like babies) look, or people who find themselves revisiting the videos years later to watch the even younger versions of the girls once again play with toys- it’s not right.

There is no part of us that can excuse this type of fetishism as anything but predatory behavior. These are not your children, you don’t know these kids, and quite frankly, their content should not be seen as entertaining to an adult because it is literally all about how they are acting as babies, sans complete sentences and all.

Similar to how 20 somethings and 30 somethings would not actively watch shows like Teletubbies, due in large part to the fact that there isn’t even any sort of ironic humor you can receive from it. The entire premise is to entertain children that are as young as babies. Not to keep adults, male or female, glued to the screen.

We would genuinely like to know what an adult could possibly be getting from these ‘bad baby’ videos, especially because they are not even geared towards how one can fix a problem, but instead about how these ‘babies’ are in fact ‘bad’.

We also found an unusual amount of accounts that comment on various videos on Toy Freaks channel that have a young child, or child enticing image as the profile picture, but no real content on their actual channel.

One that jumped out at us, in particular, belongs to a man named Roland Harknett.

As you can see, Roland is a serial commenter, often expressing his overzealous love for Toy Freaks videos. One of the above comments was on a video where (7 year old) Annabelle was forced to eat baby food to the point of spitting it back up, while also crying.

Greg ‘Freak Daddy’ Chism CLEARLY reads his comments as you can see he responded to one of Roland’s up above. So considering this, you would think that maybe other users calling Roland a pedophile or pervert might make Freak Daddy concerned, but it doesn’t look like he is.


It’s also worth noting that the URL for Toy Freak’s main channel is “3 up in the ying yang”, which if you were to look up on urban dictionary or other sites similar to that, refers to either ‘taking something to the extreme’ or anal sex.

Feels like an odd thing to call a kids channel, doesn’t it?

Speaking of odd, we went back to Greg’s first video on Toy Freaks, which shows him alone playing with barbie dolls that just so happen to ‘accidentally’ fall into curious positions near each other. But the creepiest part? ‘Freak Daddy’ has a bizarre almost disclaimer-like announcement in his description.

“Kid friendly. Just some nice barbie video, nothing bad.”

We don’t know about you guys, but this feels like a red flag being waved in our face before we even considered there to be one. Greg Chism or ‘freak daddy’ as he’s known to his ‘fans’ also has not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR different YouTube accounts.

Previously, he was best known for having a channel dedicated to his lawn mowing career, but after having a bout with ‘haters’ decided that he was going to wipe that channel and instead create this one. Seems like a weird jump in content, don’t you think?

Like we have already stated, we realize that a lot of this is wrapped up in conspiracy, but taking all of that out of the picture, there is still a lot wrong with the Toy Freaks channel and the way Annabelle and Victoria are treated.

When thinking about how these ‘bad baby freak out’ videos compare to those of DaddyOFive, we have to wonder how they’re not drawing more attention for the emotional and psychological abuse they’re inflicting.

The bewilderment we feel over channels such as Toy Freaks being able to sneak by under the radar of abuse while DaddyOFive gets his kids taken away and charged with abuse is nearly overwhelming.

We understand fully that (despite our vehement opinion on them being uncomfortable and fetish-like) the videos that the three of them create are scripted ‘skits’, but there are plenty of other instances, such as the above picture, where at least one of the girls is in real distress.

It’s hard for us to imagine seeing your kid scared to the point of tears, let alone with their mouth covered in blood, and have your first thought be ‘better get the camera out’.

There are more examples of this type of behavior, such as the time Annabelle was so scared of a spider in the backseat of the car that she unbuckled herself and climbed up into the front seat all while screaming and crying.

Once again, we have to wonder why the instinct here is to turn the camera on the moment she’s in actual distress.

Moving past instances like these where something outside of Greg’s control happens to his daughters, there are plenty of ‘prank’ videos surrounding both girls where he will put actual animals in the bathtub with them.


Naturally, because they’re children, there is a sense of distress, which only seems more fucked up to us that instead of quickly fixing the issue at hand, Greg uses it as fodder for his YouTube videos.

Oh yea, and lets not forget the bodily fluid aspects that seem to be a recurring theme wherein one or more of them (including greg) will ‘spit up’ on each other.

So to sum this entire article up, we think that there is something wildly wrong with how the children in the Toy Freaks channel are being treated.

The fact that YouTube’s own algorithm continues to push children and families to these types of channels as well, only adds to the mounting concern over what kids are unknowingly watching.

We want to hear from you guys though, what do you think? Is Toy Freaks another example of psychological and emotional abuse such as DaddyOFive? Is it something even darker? If so, why is no one trying to take it down?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. boca says:

    what the…

  2. Jimmy theranda says:

    Really really Interesting post.
    The questions is: Was it shut down because children shouldn’t watch it or because the children were being exploited?

    Have you seen the full discussion about youtube shutting down the toy freak channel here (along with other quite a bit of interesting background info behind the story)?

    Watch this >> https://youtu.be/v_YbB_HENPw

  3. Jinnie says:

    Anyone who knows anything about fetishism could pick this out. Everything about these videos is creepy, and more so than that, does anyone know if this guy had a DCF visit? Clearly he’s putting the kids in the clear path of pedophiles when creeps hit that channel and he doesn’t remove them.

    And what parent on earth would do the weird shit he does? Show those videos in prison and ask real sex offenders what they think about his behavior. Just sick. And even sicker is the exploit factor. We should be progressing with new technology not making child abuse easier smh

  4. Isabella says:

    I totally believe this. I’ve been trying to find articles to back up my suspicion. I first heard of this from tosh.0. Sure enough I looked on YouTube and there are so many disturbing channels. One of them is Ryan toy reviews. One video has almost a billion views!!! It’s the 68th most viewed video on YouTube.. and it’s him jumping around in a play house. All of these videos have odd titles. Such as “candy review” anything with and “vs.” they definitely have some weirdo code going on. All of these channels need to be shut down and the parents need to be arrested and find out who the master minds are. Disgusting.

  5. Amanda says:

    This is CLEARLY content for phedophiles, just from the titles it’s like the titles for youporn videos. It’s disgusting for not saying more and I’m just so sad about those girls being mistreated by their own father and getting profit out of it. He looks really pervert too and by doing those videos he shows he is disturbed and sick.

  6. erik smit says:

    In the 1990s Teletubbies was cult. A lot of people in their 20s watched it.

  7. JM says:

    I came home from work on my break 3 weeks ago. I found my daughter watching this and was appalled. I had so much anxiety over what she was being exposed to, I quit my job to guarantee she would never see something like this again. So thankful to see something so damaging to children is being shut down.

  8. Stacey says:

    There is nothing wrong with these videos. Yes, they are annoying but it is just a Dad playing with his daughters. You can clearly tell the girls love making these videos. The bad videos they are talking about aren’t even bad. Yes the girls get scared but every girl gets scared of those things. (spiders, frogs etc) It’s ridiculous that people are making such a big deal about this. Quit your job to make sure your kids will never see this again? Really? What is wrong with you people? It’s not like these videos are porn or anything. Snap back to reality. Complain about something that is actually worth it.

  9. L Hudson says:

    Their mother, Angelica Rueda, is a known drug addict in STL & granite city. Greg is the better choice for custody. I hope he saved up some of the YouTube $ for their college funds. I know he’s trying to provide for his children BUT what he’s doing is choosing the creepy-ass “fans” over his daughters.

  10. Soul Psychodelicide says:

    Toy Freaks pops made the mistake a lot of famous people make.
    When people are telling you to slow it down, they step on the gas.
    And in this case it cost him.

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