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David Dobrik Answers The Web’s Most Searched Questions

YouTuber David Dobrik is in the hot seat answering your juicy questions.

If you’ve ever searched for the answer to anything involving David Dobrik but the results brought up zilch, then today might be your lucky day.  The vlog squad member sat down with Wired to answer some of the internet’s most searched questions about himself.

Although the Q&A is mostly hilarious much like his vlogs, David shares some information that overseas fans might not be too happy about.  Unfortunately for David, he can’t travel outside of the United States.

“Is David Dobrik coming to Australia?  No, I’m not.  I’m actually not allowed to leave the country because I am under what you would call DACA so I can’t leave the country.  Because if I leave, I can’t re-enter for another 10 years.”

The 22-year-old is originally from Slovakia and is fluent in his native language.  Some of the other hard-hitting questions include whether his real name is actually David Dobrik, his zodiac sign, whether or not he’s rich, and much much more.  The YouTuber also drops his email address so hopefully, he’s prepared for a ton of unsolicited messages.

Press play above to watch the full video!


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