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David Dobrik is Leaving Youtube…Well Kinda!

Only David Dobrik can get away with something like this…

On Friday, David Dobrik announced he will not be vlogging for the next three week because he is about to hit his 420th vlog and clearly it has to drop on 4/20..duhh! So what does this mean?

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It means that David will NOT be vlogging for the next three weeks!!!! However, David said that he will still be recording on his normal schedule even though he won’t be dropping the videos. 

David commented on his video saying, “READ THIS: So my plan is to continue to film and edit my videos just as if I was still posting 3 times a week… this is because If i take a break Ill lose my groove and honestly lose my mind.. Its been 40 minutes since I said I was putting a pause on the vlogs and im already feeling withdrawal symptoms lol. So dont worry Ill still be capturing all the puking, making out, and embarrassing moments of our friend group! Just gonna have to wait a bit to see them all :)”

The real question is what will we do without three days a week of David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad?! I think the only answer is…let the 4/20 countdown begin!

Check out David’s full video below (Ps the announcement doesn’t come till 3:41)


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