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David Dobrik Reveals He Planned To Leave YouTube Before Netflix Rejected His Show

YouTuber David Dobrik shared that after his pitch to Netflix was rejected, his plans to exit YouTube were foiled.

Back in March, David Dobrik announced plans to take a break from vlogging so that he could hold off on releasing his 420th video until 4/20 but that wasn’t the whole truth.  Now, he’s spilling the beans on Travis Mill’s ADHD podcast.  David actually wanted his 420th video to be his last vlog on YouTube before transitioning over to a more mainstream platform.

“I wanted to stop vlogging 100 vlogs ago.  I think it was my 420th video.  We pitched a show to Netflix and it didn’t go through so I couldn’t stop vlogging because I literally had no other job.”

But the Netflix show wasn’t the only reason he wanted to retire from YouTube.  He wants to leave the platform while he’s still on top before he becomes what people refer to as a “has been.”

“The only reason I want to stop making vlogs is because I am scared for the day where it’s like ‘Ok, we’ve had enough of [David Dobrik].  I’m turning on this guy.'”

He also shared that he wants to get away from the title of YouTuber but does mention that it’s his go-to answer when asked what he does for a living.

“I guess I would say I’m a YouTuber.  That’s what I say right off the bat.  I’m a YouTuber.  I really want to get away from that.”

He feels that although there are a lot of amazing YouTubers, there are just as many untalented ones who give the rest a bad rap.

“I think [the title of] YouTuber could be downplaying sometimes.  There are so many incredible YouTubers out there but there’s also a lot of them that aren’t so great.  Right now [the term YouTuber] has a negative connotation to it.”

Luckily for David, there’s a lot of other titles digital media stars can use like Influencer or Content Creator.  But he prefers to be called a “Personality.”

“I think Personality holds more weight when it comes to job title.”

Press play above for more details on the show David Dobrik pitched to Netflix!


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