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Day Two Of The Snapchat Update Is Upon Us And We Still Hate It

It’s day two of the Snapchat update and we’re all still aimlessly wandering around wondering how we can go back in time.

Some have started to lose their minds, others have snapped the wrong person by mistake and the rogue few have left the app behind altogether, opting instead for a new life. It all feels like some modern day end of the world thriller and our favorite players on the board are the ones who are currently taking their grievances to Snapchat directly.

Twitter user, Isaac Svobony, is the hero we’ve all been waiting for who decided to reach out to Snapchat directly through their official Twitter account. The response he got was that if he could get 50k retweets, they’d consider changing their interface back to the one we all know and love.

Needless to say, Isaac has, at the time of writing this, received over 681k retweets. So now we’re just waiting for Snapchat to hold up their end of the bargain. After all, they don’t wanna be labelled as liars for all of the internet to see, do they?

What do you guys think? Did Isaac just save us? Cause we sure as hell hope so.

Disclaimer: Maybe this is all photoshopped, who knows.


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