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Desi Perkins Has The Best Halloween Makeup Tutorial of 2018!

YouTuber and beauty vlogger Desi Perkin’s ‘witch doctor/el cucuy’ Halloween tutorial is the scariest and most epic costume idea we’ve ever seen!

Halloween is just around the corner and some of the biggest beauty vloggers are already supplying their fanbases with loads of costume ideas.  There’s always the usual cat, clown, or deer for girls but this year Desi Perkin’s is shaking things up!

The thumbnail alone will make viewers scream in horror because this creation looks like it came from a Hollywood blockbuster horror movie.

Even though replicating Desi’s creation seems difficult she said it’s actually super easy.  The only downside is that you’ll be using a ton of make-up and glue which could prove difficult to remove.  For those of you wondering how you’ll be able to see anything with this look, there’s actually a simple solution for that as well.

Applying black paint around your eyes before the white gauze goes over your face gives the appearance that your eyes have been carved out but you’ll still be able to see normally.

Press play on the video above and hit us up @Trend All Day to let us know if you’ll be trying this look out for Halloween!


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