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Destiny and MoE Twitch Banned For Hate Speech

Twitch is making efforts to clean up its platform by enforcing the community guidelines it released earlier this year. Use of ableist or homophobic words like the r-slur or f-slur are blanket banned, which is bad news for streamers like mOE, who has claimed the f-slur is one of his favorite words.

At the beginning of the month mOE received notice from Twitch that his account was being suspended for hateful conduct in breach of Twitch’s community guidelines. mOE seemed to be under the impression that the community guidelines didn’t apply as long as he was restricting his stream to ‘Mature Audiences Only’. I don’t…that’s not how rules work, mOE.

mOE will be abstaining from further comment in order to relax during his 30-day ban, though many of his fans are requesting he shift to YouTube, which is regarded as a less strict platform when it comes to hate speech. He has also offered an apology.

Meanwhile Destiny also received a 30-day ban. In a YouTube video he released earlier this week, he blamed using the f-slur against someone, and also an exchange with his mother in which he talked about shooting immigrating Cubans and Mexicans. Though Destiny is himself of Cuban descent and was not sincerely advocating for hate crimes, the statement still violated Twitch’s guidelines. This makes it the second time Destiny has been banned from Twitch this year, after a 7-day suspension in January. He was also banned from Twitter in January, albeit under suspicious circumstances.

Destiny is pivoting towards YouTube in light of the ban. Will we see a larger exodus from Twitch as streamers chafe under the new community guidelines?


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