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Killing Fashion, One Bad Pair Of Jeans At A Time

Back when we were kids, we remember those pants that we could zip off into capris and shorts and we didn’t know it then, but it was a trend that should have died with elementary school.


What was once a sought after fashion trend that made your outfit appropriate for any wild weather change, has now become a haunting attempt at something we truly wish would disappear forever.

The newest venture back into the design has a brave new twist thought, because they’re no longer just detachable jeans, they are detachable cutout jeans.

That’s right, in case you were finding yourself struggling with that whole attach or detach decision, you can still enjoy a breeze right along your panty line as fun happy medium.

Spoiler alert, we hate these pants. The idea behind the design could have maybe worked had they been executed in a different manner, but as is, these pants remind us of a cross between riding chaps, and a denim diaper.

Nothing about them is flattering, nor do we imagine any sort of event we’d actually wear them to outside of maybe Coachella, and even then, why wouldn’t we just buy a pair of shorts?

Clothing brand, Opening Ceremony, is currently selling these bad boys for the cool price of $425. If the design wasn’t enough, the price alone puts us off from ever purchasing them, even as a joke.

We will honestly be shocked if this style catches on. Like we said, there could maybe be a design reboot hidden somewhere in here, but so far, we just don’t see it.

Would you guys buy these jeans? Let us know!


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