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DevinSupertramp Is Not Happy With GoPro For A Very Good Reason!

Thrill seeking YouTuber DevinSupertramp (real name Devin Graham) is not happy with the camera company GoPro after they lifted some of his content!

Back in May, Devin created a high-octane sponsored video with Subaru featuring a massive slip-n-slide combined with a slew of pro-level base jumpers and incorporating Devin’s 2012 Subaru Outback that he brought along for filming.

Fast forward a few months and Devin noticed GoPro came across his behind the scenes footage from that day’s activities and uploaded the footage to their own wildly popular YouTube channel (with over 5 million subscribers!) without giving Devin created or linking to his original content. The video even features the SAME THUMBNAIL!

Devin took to Instagram upon the discovery to call out the company on this shady practice.

GoPro uploaded Devin’s content less than a day ago, now the video already has over 100K views and is sitting pretty at #37 on YouTube’s Trending page. According to Devin, the company has a history of taking content from creators and failing to get appropriate permissions and giving credit where credit is due.

Devin commented on the GoPro version of his video, saying, “As a heads up GoPro. Subaru funded this video. Everyone there, athletes, filmers, everyone signed an agreement saying the content was owned solely for the shoot that funded it. This took months of preparation, 100’s of hours actually. We were never asked by GoPro, or anyone for that matter if this footage could be used at all, with several of these shots being used that I personally setup, hit record. Sadly GoPro has been walking over a ton of the smaller companies I work with, shutting them down, etc. I am not okay with this all being done….. No permission was ever asked. Subaru also never consented to this being done as well. Just because these clips were shot on a GoPro, DOEST NOT MEAN YOU CAN TAKE THEM WITHOUT GETTING ANY KIND OF PERMISSION FROM THE COMPANY THAT OWNS THEM. THIS ALSO GOES FOR ANYONE WHO FILMS ON A GOPRO.”

GoPro has yet to issue a response or take the video down but hopefully draws attention to creator rights as this is a clear case of copyright infringement and wouldn’t fall under “fair use” in any way, as GoPro did not provide any commentary or transformation in any way. #TEAMSUPERTRAMP.