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The Dolan Twins Finally Give Us What We Want

Our favorite YouTube brothers, Ethan and Grayson Dolan just dropped a brand new merchandise line, and while those hoodies do look comfy, we’re more excited to see what comes next.

The twins took to their social media accounts to promote the brand launch, and people quickly bought up as much as they could afford.

Liking it? The fans are straight up loving it.

So far there’s not that much available to buy, just a sweatshirt with the outline of both boys faces along with the outline of a peace sign and a rock and roll sign.

We honestly just felt so lame typing that, but trust us, it doesn’t look as lame as it sounds. Plus, we love the Dolans, so even if, merch wise, this isn’t our fave, we have faith in them to pull off something epic.

We do like those Tuesday shirts too, especially because of the seeming randomness of it all, even though we know better.

Congrats to Ethan and Grayson on their merch launch!


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