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Who Did The Dolan Twins Just Shoot With A Paintball Gun?

The Dolan twins may have just uploaded our favorite videos of theirs yet.

In a beautiful homage to one of our favorite childhood games, Grayson and Ethan decided to play an adultified version of hide and go seek with Caspar Lee.

“It’s extreme hide and seek cause we wouldn’t make a video about it if it was just normal hide and seek.”

Basically, the brothers made hide and seek extreme by adding a punishment for whoever was the ultimate loser, aka the person who was found the quickest.

Right off the bat, it was pretty clear to us that Caspar would end up falling unfortunate victim to this, but the entire warehouse hunt was one that brought us back to our own childhood love for the game.

Ultimately, Grayson was the most difficult one to find after he decoy dug into the foam pit before deciding to hide behind a mattress that was leaning against the wall. This was a great hiding spot for anyone going first, but Caspar made the grave mistake of panicking and then deciding to hide in the exact same spot right after Grayson did.

This cost him, and he was found within 40 seconds.

“So what can we do to Caspar?”

The twins ended up going somewhat easy on him and decided that the punishment would be to shoot him once with a paintball gun.

Hey, considering that they once superglued their thighs together, it could have been much much worse.

Check out the full video of the Dolan twins playing extreme hide and seek with Caspar Lee below!