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The Dolan Twins Open Up About Their Mental Health

Ethan and Grayson Dolan just released an emotional video explaining their slight absence from social media over the past week.

After tweeting this out, fans of the twins and their channel were obviously worried, and the general lack of tweets thereafter did nothing but heighten their concern.

In the uploaded video, Ethan and Grayson both talked about how they have been struggling with their mental health, and that it’s time they stopped pretending to be happy. Ethan in particular made the point to say that if he had not pushed himself to this point, and had taken the time for self care earlier, then maybe they wouldn’t have had to record such a video.

Both brothers are ok, but both have some pretty nasty hand injuries that were sustained during the filming of a since scraped video. As it turns out, the video and the hand injuries were the catalyst to them realizing they needed to take a break and focus on their own health.

“If I’m not practicing what I preach, then I’m telling people to do things that are completely unrealistic.”

Watch the full Dolan twins video below to hear all about what they had to say. We hope that they take the time they need to get happy and healthy!