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Donald De La Haye Is Winning The NCAA/YouTube Battle

Donald De La Haye has recently sparked the sports headlines with his decision to leave his love of football for the love of YouTube. The NCAA seemingly forced his hand after telling De La Haye he could not monetize his YouTube content because it reflected his image as a football player.

Donald lost his full D1 football scholarship to the University of Central Florida.

A debate has erupted asking, is the NCAA in the right or in the wrong? Should Donald have given up a scholarship for YouTube content?

Well, if we’re taking down scores, it looks like Donald De La Haye is winning. Upon declining the offer from the NCAA, massive financial support has gathered through the gofundme page. The campaign is trending, and the page has reached $10,000 out of a $30k goal. Also, he’s got someone pretty cool on his side.


It’s a testament to how powerful the YouTube community can be when it unites. Whether we agree with De La Haye’s decision, we have to admit his YouTube career looks bright. And the NCAA is learning a hard lesson, maybe an update in their regulations book would be useful.