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Don’t Freak Out: YouTube’s “Honest Trailers” Is Back Without It’s Creator

Andy Signore, creator of Honest Trailers, was indeed fired for sexual harassment.

When multiple women accused the “Honest Trailers” creator of sexual harassment, the channel was quick to action. Andy Signore was fired. But recently, the Screen Junkies channel has been releasing new videos…but how?

Fans worried that without the creator of the genius idea, Honest Trailers would crumble. But in the past 10 days, two new Honest Trailers videos have been released. First, Spider-Man: Homecoming which has already gotten over 3 million views and it recently brought out this gem.

The Stranger Things trailer hit 2.4 million views in 48 hours. Clearly, the Screen Junkies channel wants to maintain it’s awesome content that has become a mainstay on YouTube, and even more clearly, fans are willing to give the channel a second chance.

“We’d be lying to say that Andy wasn’t a big part of Screen Junkies, but Andy is NOT Screen Junkies.”

Well said. The fact that one man decided to violate another person, or multiple people for that matter should not reflect a channel that has brought so much joy to all us screen junkies if you will.

Not that we can say the same about Hollywood.

And in case you needed more information, Screen Junkies first dropped this video before beginning its’ run as the best trailer channel on YouTube.

Producer, Dan Murrell asked fans to support all women coming forward across Hollywood. The women who came forward to call out Andy Signore had said they reached out to Defy Media’s HR for support, but their claims were ignored.

Roth Cornet, editor-in-chief for Screen Junkies news, addressed that a new process has been put in place to ensure everyone feels safe coming forward, as well as establishing a clear pathway for for overall trust in the online community.

Defy Media has also explained it will enforce sexual harassment training for all employees, as well as a code of conduct for fan interaction.

We hope Screen Junkies fully recovers from this unfortunate scandal, and to be honest, things are looking up for the team. (See what we did there?)


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