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Dontè Colley Super Inspiring Dancing Video Will Get You Past Post-Holiday Blues

21-year-old Toronto native Dontè Colley has everyone on social media-inspired with his viral dance clips.

After Dontè Colley got positive feedback from friends when he posted his first inspirational dance video, he made it a regular thing on his Instagram page.

“When I first started making videos I was getting positive feedback from my friends who would message me and be like ‘this made me smile today’ so it just kind of motivated me more to keep making them,” Dontè told Buzzfeed.

He edits his dance vids to include positive and reaffirming quotes like “You’re doing great, sweetie”, “Keep going”, and “Don’t give up on yourself” as a way to cheer up users on a platform that is often rife with negativity.

“Social media can become such a grey, overwhelming and kind of defeating platform just because it’s seen as everybody’s highlight reel and it’s like everybody’s living their best lives, and that can kind of make us question our purpose from time to time. So I guess I make these videos because I just like making people feel good.”

Check more out of his inspirational videos below!

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Wow. I am so thankful. 100k? It’s crazy.. Thank you so much for supporting me. At the end of the day I do this because I know how dark social media can be. Just want to remind you that each and every single one of you are so fucking unique special and that cannot be replicated by anyone. We’re all on our own journey so don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. YOU are amazing and don’t ever give up on any of your dreams. You can do anything, but it is not going to come easy or handed on a silver platter. Put in the work, and work your ass off. What you genuinely exert is what you receive. 💞💞💞💞 This was actually my first graphically edited video I ever shared on here. there are so many things I would change now but I’m happy with the growth and learning that comes with time. it’s important to -#neverdeleteyouroldwork as my friend @byseanbrown would say. Keep on Going! And Fuck the haters! ✨♥️💞💚💚💞

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