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Why Has Dr. DisRespect Gone On Hiatus?

Dr DisRespect, award-winning Twitch personality and one of the world’s most recognizable streamers, made an announcement on Thursday 14th that he was planning a hiatus from his Twitch channel after a tearful admission that he had cheated on his wife.

DisRespect (aka Guy Beahm), formerly of Sledgehammer Games, broke character with his macho persona to cry on camera about his infidelity. He apologized to his fans, sponsors, and Twitch before ending the announcement. Given his evident adoration for his wife and young daughter, this news has shocked millions of fans and members of the gaming community.

DisRespect has also withdrawn from an upcoming event ‘Hunt the Streamer’, hosted by NetEase. The event is due to take place on December 17th and DisRespect’s slot in the event will be replaced with another streamer, identity to be confirmed.

Fans have been sharing their disappointment and support on social media since the announcement was made. Keem was predictably disgusting:

Others were more mature:

People are now speculating about who it was that DisRespect cheated with, and why it is coming to light at this time. BurgerPlanet’s infamous livestream footage from TwitchCon, in which he accuses DisRespect of flirting with women at the convention, is receiving extra scrutiny in light of this revelation. Some in the gaming community are speculating that DisRespect was forced into a confession by someone threatening to out his infidelity, but with DisRespect apparently retreating from the public eye in the short term, it could be a while before more details unfold.


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