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Twins Coby an Cory Cotton lead this sports entertainment YouTube channel with friends Garrett, Cody, and Tyler. They’re all former high school basketball players and were college roommates. Their videos are widely known for extreme methods of trick shots, and have said their shots rely more on American football skills than basketball. The group has broken a bunch of Guinness World Records, and they’re the 15th most subscribed channel. They’re the biggest sports channel on YouTube, with ¬†over 21 million subscribers.

DudePerfect also does comedy in their “Stereotypes” series, poking fun at common misconceptions, mostly consisting of the sports world. The group also likes to take part in charity, once working with Make-A-Wish. The channel has received multiple endorsements and requests from professional athletes. The boys also duel in “Battles” which is a tournament competition to see who the last man standing will be. Face-Off is another video series that has been premiered on the Whistle Sports Network YouTube channel. The videos are a competition of best commentating/announcing.

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