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Elijah Daniel’s New Album ‘God Hates LIL PHAG’ Hits Music Charts

LIL PHAG first retired gay politician is set to have top rap album on the music charts.

Go tweet that Donald Trump! Elijah Daniel’s new album ‘God Hates Lil Phag’ was released today, July 27th with 13 tracks featuring Dr. Woke, Tana Mongeau, Bella Thorne and many more talented creators. Social media is going crazy calling Lil Phag’s album “f-ck slaps iconic” and “all the songs on God Hates Lil Phag are all f-cking bops.” You know who else has noticed the album? The music charts!

He may be controversial but has always made a hell of an impact, Lil Phag has broken the internet and invaded our music apps. With tracks like “Clout 9” and “Rick & Morty” visualized in our heads from their fierce and colorful music videos on Elijah’s YouTube channel (over 632k subscribers), this album was a guaranteed hit. So far, “Clout 9” holds the number 9 spot on iTunes and making its way to all of the top music charts.

Congratulations to Elijah Daniel on his new album available on all music streaming platforms and we will catch you Lil Phag, on the top of the music spot!


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