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Elijah And Christine Just Killed It On The Maury Show

Elijah and Christine are the gifts that keep on giving, and most recently, they gifted us the best Maury moment to ever exist.

Let’s go way back to when Elijah ‘died’ on Twitter after getting bit by a brown recluse spider. During the madness that was his rise from the dead, Maury SOMEHOW got involved, and challenged Elijah to a lie detector test to prove whether he was gay or not.

Thankfully, this challenge actually came to fruition and the lie detector results are in. You might want to sit down for this one guys because apparently– Elijah Daniel is gay.

Shocking, we know.

But the drama doesn’t stop there because it wasn’t just Elijah and Christine who made an appearance on the show, Tana Mongeau showed up to as ‘the other woman’ that Christine suspected Elijah to be cheating on her with.

Honestly, everyone should for real do themselves a favor and watch the clip of these three on the Maury Show. Outside of the fact that it’s entertaining enough to know that the drama over their upcoming marriage got to this point, it’s also just straight up hilarious.

Elijah and Christine did hit a million subscribers on YouTube, so their wedding should be coming up any day now. We’ll see if these Maury results have any effect of the nuptials, or better yet, if he’s invited to the special day.


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