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Elijah Daniel Is Calling Out Bryan Singer

Elijah Daniel is continuing to fight crime, and this time he’s doing his part by calling Bryan Singer the fuck out for his disturbing ways.

Another domino is tipping over in Hollywood’s sexual predator scandal– we don’t even like calling it a scandal. It’s more so a massive wake up call for everyone so that they can realize what a massive problem this poorly kept secret is.

Also, the word ‘scandal’ isn’t even remotely harsh enough for how truly disturbing sexual assault and harassment are.

Back to Bryan Singer though– tons of people had already be assuming that he was going to be the next one to be accused, and even though Elijah didn’t flat out say that something had happened, he very heavily implied his guilt, to the point that we are almost positive that either himself, or someone close to him, has been propositioned by Bryan in the aforementioned way.

This is so fucked up guys. We truly hope that this movement of coming forward and people telling their stories will help to eliminate this behavior one day. Enough is fucking enough.


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