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Elijah Daniel Is Launching His Own Team 10 & We Can’t Wait

Comedian and YouTube star Elijah Daniel, best known for his work as Mayor of Hell, Michigan, and his best selling novel, Trump Temptations, has just teased something pretty fucking dope!

In a tweet dissing Jake Paul and Team 10, Elijah announced that he is launching his own collaborative collective network of influencers. He describes the collective as a group of talented young creators coming together to create good content. He is calling his collection The @ Pack, a millennial play on the classic Rat Pack, and Brat Pack.

Although the other members of The @ Pack have not been officially named, Elijah teased via Twitter (which has since been deleted) that his co-star and best friend Christine Sydelko, YouTube star Tana Mongeau and comedian Chris Klemens will definitely be a part of The @ Pack.

Tana Mongeau herself also confirmed she’s a member:

When asked for comments on The @ Pack, Elijah said: “We are launching a powerhouse group of talented individuals from all fields who want to help each other grow, not only as creators but as people. Unlike Team 10, I don’t want a collective fueled by fake drama and money, I want a group fueled by creativity. We will be all working closely together to make our content as creative and fun as possible.” As for the future plans of The @ Pack, Elijah continued “This is so much more than YouTube, that isn’t even our focus. We are working on so many projects and I’m not telling you shit about them until we’re ready.”

Apparently dreams do come true because this entire thing is a culmination of everything we could have ever hoped for. Elijah is at the forefront of sharp wit and humor in the social media space, and the combination of him and his friends all coming together to create content is going to bring a whole new meaning to what collaborative team might look like amongst Influencers, so move over Team 10.

No official word has been released yet about who else might be confirmed members of The @ Pack, but according to some Twitter users it’s rumored that Elijah’s good friends Lena The Plug, Nathan Zed, Corinna Kopf, Sarah Baska, James Charles, Trevor Moran, & Zane Hijazi could also be part of the collective. 

We guess we’ll just have to wait to find out when they make their announcement, but one thing is for sure, we’re on pins and needles.