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Elijah Daniel Proposes To Longtime Boyfriend Dr. Woke aka Sam F.

Love is in the air after Sam F. says yes to Elijah Daniel’s romantic proposal.

Elijah Daniel proposed to his longtime boyfriend Dr. Woke aka Sam F. on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.  He posted the photo to his official Instagram page with a caption that read “HE SAID “EH, I GUESS SO” ya no but yes we’re actually engaged lol.”  From the looks of the photo, it seemed like Sam was way more enthusiastic then “eh, I guess so.”  The two are pictured kissing on the beach while the sun sets in the background.

In another photo on Sam’s page, the newly engaged couple shows off their gorgeous rings.

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Sam jokingly pointed out that although the whole experience was amazing the worst part about the moments they captured was the huge “Tana” tatted on his leg.

No word on when the wedding will take place but the lovebirds are still overjoyed.  Elijah tweeted the next day “that this how I feel today: (i put it in a photo for u bitches who still live in 1875 with androids).”

YouTuber’s including Ricky Dillon, Eric Curtin, Lena The Plug, and many more including other fans of the two expressed their excitement after the engagement news was announced by Sam and Elijah.  Check out their tweets below!

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