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Elijah Daniel Puts Together Concert to Help W/ Flint Water Crisis

YouTuber Elijah Daniel is very close to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan these days.

In 2014 the source of drinking water was switched from the Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River for Flint residents. The water was confirmed to be contaminated with a poisonous metal lead after multiple reports of residents health problem came about. Many activists and citizens have been fighting to end this problem and help Flint residents get back to a clean water supply.

We all know Daniel gets involved and has tweeted in support of young activists like Mari Copeny for working towards acquiring clean water for Flint.

His most recent effort has been organizing a concert in honor of Mari’s birthday on July 7th called the Flint Summer Bash. All funds will go towards the water crisis. The line up hasn’t been revealed yet but Elijah tweeted on May 31st that the line up is looking better than famous festivals Coachella and EDC.

The YouTube star has gotten a good response from the artists he has reached out to including Bea Miller who tweeted “yes where do I sign up” on May 31st.

Elijah Daniel has 636,000 subscribers on YouTube and is known for his big voice and out of this world music videos. You may recognize him from his back and forth with now President of the United States Donald Trump on Twitter and his alleged lawsuit against the President.

Will be attending the Flint Summer Bash? Excited about the lineup? Happy it’s for a great cause?! Comment below.


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