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Elijah Daniel Responds To Threat From Westboro Baptist Church

The Witches of Westboro Baptist Church are back on the Elijah Daniel/Lil’ Phag hate train but they are no match for the self-proclaimed ‘proud sodomite sinner.’

Instead of feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless like any other decent religious organization would do, Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket Elijah Daniel’s show.

Yup, you read that right.  This isn’t the first time they battled with the rapper.  Back in August, Elijah unintentionally trolled the hate group when he promoted his album ‘God Hates Lil’ Phag.’  The church retweeted thinking Elijah’s views were in line with their own.  Twitter did their thing and bombarded the church’s mentions.  They even got the hashtag #WestboroLovesPhags trending!

It seems that Westboro has done a little research on what Elijah’s music is actually about because now they are planning to protest the Kansas City leg of his tour.  They released a statement on Twitter that’s impossible to get through without erupting in laughter.

Of course Elijah clapped back once he heard the news.  He reclaimed the ‘proud sodomite sinner’ title they gave him and revealed the church’s hilariously weird marketing strategy for their Pinterest account.

Ironically, Elijah’s Kansas show is on a Sunday which is usually reserved for prayer and worship. Maybe they’ll have a change of heart, take a page out of the Good Lord’s book and use the seventh day to rest.


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