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Elijah Daniel Straight Up Just Solved A Crime

In the criminal justice system, crimes against the elderly are considered especially heinous. In Los Angeles, the dedicated detective Elijah Daniel who investigates these vicious felonies is a member of an elite squad known as the @ Pack. This is his story. Dun Dun

From @ Pack founder, to rapper, to mayor of Hell, we keep thinking Elijah Daniel‘s topped himself…and he keeps proving us so very wrong. This time? We’re adding detective to the mix. Yep. Ya boy straight up solved a freaking crime. Eliot Stabler, eat your heart out.

Elijah’s jeweler, Nancy, was allegedly attacked by two people at work. She fortunately managed to get pictures of her attackers and sent them to Elijah who immediately took the case. He tweeted out their pictures as well as pictures of his injured jeweler, asking for any information on the scumbags.

Fortunately, Elijah’s fans rose to the occasion and delivered in all kinds of ways. Someone even channeled a sketch artist and drew a composite sketch sketch based off the picture Nancy had taken! Even with help pouring in, no leads were panning out. Did that stop Elijah? As if! Naturally, he upped the ante and tweeted that he’d give a reward for the identity of the assailants.

It looks like this was the trick because 12 hours later, someone tweeted from a throwaway account that she/he went to school with the female assailant and had contacted the LAPD. Best part was that she/he wasn’t the only person to come forward. According to Elijah, four separate people came forward to him with this info.

After checking with Nancy, Elijah was able to confirm that these suspects were indeed the perps. Even better? Turns out they were wanted for straight up grand theft auto. In other words, Elijah basically solved two crimes at once and he’s not even on the police force! (Side note: someone get this man a badge; he’s putting LAPD to shame.)

So, there you have it. Elijah Daniel played civil servant this weekend and solved a freaking crime. While it’s always hard to hear about this kind of thing, it was refreshing to see so many strangers rising to the occasion to help. Consider our faith in humanity restored. Say what you will about Elijah and the shenanigans he gets into, but there’s denying he’s got a heart of gold.

We can all rest easy knowing Detective Daniels is out there. Dun Dun

*Cue music*

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    Nancy is a racist

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