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Elijah Daniel’s ‘Lil Phag’ Drops Official ‘Elton John’ Music Video

Brace yourself guys because the new Elijah Daniel song is actually…good?

We know what you’re thinking, ‘not another YouTuber trying to rap, please god tell me it isn’t so‘, but this song actually feels like a real rap track.

The anticipation of Elijah’s rap god alter ego, Lil Phag’s, premiere track has been ridiculous. The BTS pic of Christine on the phone while behind everyone else filming has practically become a meme within itself.

As for the actual music video, it’s everything we could have possibly hoped it would be, complete with money floating through the air, an actual monkey and crystals being used as edgy props. Oh yea and did we mention that it was shot at Elton John’s house? Talk about meta.

The track features both Hoodie Allen & Dr. Woke, and we think that maybe Jake Paul could do to take a page out of their book on how to forward his own YouTube rapping career– just a thought.

Honestly, we wouldn’t even be surprised if Elijah ends up becoming Lil Phag officially and dropping a full fucking album. There are still, what, like 30 days left of 2017? Anything is possible.

Check out Lil Phag’s official music video for ‘Elton John’ here!

Update: The video was removed temporarily because of a line/clip in it about TMZ.


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