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Elon Musk Gives YouTuber PewDiePie An Ultimatum!

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk might be switching careers after he demanded that PewDiePie let him host his “Meme Review” series.

Elon Musk usually keeps his exchanges on social media brief but he switched gears with his last tweet to PewDiePie.  The Tesla founder jokingly sent a threatening tweet which featured a picture of him pointing a cannon to the camera with the caption “Host meme review?”

Shortly after the bizarre request from Elon, PewDiePie responded with a worried caption that read “don’t shoot, please host, we need this!”  The conversation didn’t stop there.  Another popular YouTuber chimed in to ensure that Elon would make a guest appearance on PewDiePie’s channel.  Mr. Beast triple dog dared him to go on the show an added that he’d pay a $5 fee to make it happen before throwing in a Tesla purchase to sweeten the pot.

The conversation has since gone viral but it’s not as strange as some might think.  Elon has contacted popular gamers like Tfue in the past which coincidentally also resulted in the YouTuber purchasing a Tesla car.  Either Elon is trying to network with digital media celebs so he can make a career change or he’s a marketing genius who’s figured out a clever way to drive up sales for his car company.

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