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6 Times The Boys Of Epic Meal Time Were Giving Us Serious Cravings!

They make your dreams come true, and then they eat them.

We think it’s a fair statement to make by saying that everyone loves food, right? YouTube food channels exist everywhere now, but before the trend became so viral, there existed a group of men who loved food like no one else, and luckily for us, they still make videos.

The boys of Epic Meal Time are led by one Harley Morenstein, and the group indulge in a buffet of food concoctions that are not for the faint of heart. Do you ever have a meal so big you feel like you overdid it? They do it ALL THE TIME.

To celebrate their efforts in the food industry, we’re counting our top 6 Epic Meal Time vids! Be careful, you’re gonna crave, you’re gonna cringe, and you’re gonna crave again!

DISCLAIMER: We don’t expect anyone to actually try this at home OR eat these portions. However, it’s quite a ride.






6. & how can we forget Logan’s special appearance