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Erika Costell Rejects Jake Paul’s New Year’s Eve Kiss

After posting an emotional 2018 recap on his Instagram story where he shared a video of himself crying over Erika Costell, Jake Paul reached out to his ex-girlfriend to rekindle their flame on New Year’s Eve but she rejected the call.

It’s safe to say that Jerika may be done for good after Erika Costell spurned Jake Paul’s advances after he attempted to get a New Year’s Eve kiss from her before the ball dropped.  Jake uploaded a screenshot of his rejected FaceTime call to Erika with the caption “No New Year’s Eve kiss for me.”

The failed attempt comes right after Jake shared a heartwarming moment from the night he cried over his breakup with Erika.

Although Erika has yet to publicly respond, there’s hope that the ex-lovebirds caught up behind the scenes.  If not, at least now he can focus on his new ventures like his upcoming fight against FaZe Clan’s Ricky Banks.

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    sorry jake paul

  3. Anonymous says:

    you can do better jake

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