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Esports Gamer Ninja Lands Starring Role In NFL 100 SuperBowl Commercial

Esports Gamer Ninja Lands Starring Role In NFL 100 SuperBowl Commercial.

The King of Twitch continues to infiltrate the world of mainstream sports after he lands a gig starring alongside professional football players Peyton Manning,  Juju Smith-Schuster, Michael StrahanAaron Donald, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  The commercial celebrates The NFL 100 list which is comprised of the league’s top talent voted for by the players themselves.

Ninja plays a waiter who greets fellow YouTuber and FaZe gaming clan member, Juju, while Peyton, Michael, Aaron, and Roger talk amongst themselves about the Twitch streamer.  The gamer shared the clip with his fans on social media and expressed his excitement with a caption that read “So happy to share with you guys one of the many amazing things we’ve been working on and why I’ve been traveling so much. Catch me in the  commercial right before halftime.”

This isn’t the first time Ninja has collaborated with the NFL.  Ninja, who refers to himself as  “a lifelong NFL fan which runs in my family”, also partnered with the organization to commentate on a Thursday Night Football game via Twitch live stream.

You can catch the commercial above and right before the halftime show during the official SuperBowl game set to air Sunday, February 3rd, 2019.


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