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Streamer Etika Arrested While Live Streaming On Instagram

Popular Youtube and Streamer Daniel Desmond “Etika Amofah was detained yesterday while streaming on Instagram. 

With 300,000 subscribers on Twitter, Etika went on a weird rant earlier in the day that included calling himself a god and posting various insulting remarks. The influencer continued to release these types of remarks for several hours until the New York Police Department detained him in his Brooklyn apartment.

We now know that it does not appear like Etika has been formally arrested and charged with any crime.

When the police arrive, Etika spends around 30 mins berating the police officers with phrases such as “The Revolution will not be televised.” Etika proceeds to refuse to open his door for the NYPD, which appears to have prompted them to break into his home. The police then entered his apartment and detained the streamer while he was on IG with over 20,000 viewers.

The influencer was then wheeled out by a stretcher to an ambulance yelling, “We made it” to a crowd forming outside his apartment. While some thought that this was a swatting event, it seems that the police showed up after Etika posted a series of suicidal messages. This also isn’t the first time he’s posted these kinds of messages as he commented on Twitter that hed’s shoot himself in the forehead on April 16th.

There has been a rumor circulating that this rant was caused by Etika because other YouTubers and influencers failing to get him verified on Twitter. This isn’t the first time that Etika has found himself in some hot water, as the streamer has had multiple, public breakdowns in the past. He was also banned from Twitch in 2018 for using inappropriate language on a stream oh and on Youtube for posting pornography. Yikes!

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.


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