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Eva Gutowski Confirms The OG Savage Squad Is No More!

Ahhh, the Savage Squad.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss seeing Eva Gutowski, Teala Dunn, Sierra Furtado, and Meredith Foster together all over our social media. But based on recent tweets by Eva it’s looking like we may never see the Squad in its original glory again.

After wishing her BFF a happy birthday on Twitter, Eva launched into a tweeting frenzy about friendship. And, though she never names a name, it’s pretty clear she’s referring to her once-friendship with Meredith Foster.

Back in August, Meredith’s continued absence from Savage Squad posts addressed (albeit vaguely) by the other three members. However, fans still had a lot of questions, so Eva took to Twitter Sunday night to speak about it some more.

It seems that Eva’s post about Sierra’s birthday was the catalyst for the barrage of tweets, but we may never know what specifically caused her to open up about the falling out. Regardless, Eva’s post that the Savage Squad only has 3 members puts any hopes of a rekindling to rest.

Whatever the root cause of their falling out may be, we hope all four ladies are happy and continue to move forward!