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Eva Gutowski Doesn’t Want People To Make Light Of Anxiety

Eva Gutowski is retting real about what it means to live with anxiety and how it’s not nearly as casual as people make it out to be.

The YouTuber took to Twitter to not only open up about her own struggles with anxiety (even talking about how she was recovering from a panic attack), but to talk about how upset it makes her to hear people use anxiety in a belittling manner just to seem mainstream.

We totally agree with her that mental illness and/or disorders are not something to joke about, and that more often than not, they’re talked about in a topical way that doesn’t accurately showcase what it’s really like for someone who actually has anxiety.

In this instance though, we’re gonna play devil’s advocate just a little bit, because there is a sort of catch-22 that exists in the idea of not wanting something to become mainstream, but also wanting to eliminate the taboo nature of talking about it.

Eva is clearly talking about Blackbear’s song, Anxiety, and even though she didn’t call him out directly, she practically did by quoting the lyrics.

We don’t know Blackbear, but for all we know, he too could suffer from anxiety in the way that Eva is talking about, and creating a song about it might be his best way of coping or working out his shit. After all, artists pull from what they know, right?

Still, we understand the point she is trying to get across, but it’s hard to sensor the way people decide to talk about their own issues and feelings. The best thing that Eva can do is continue to share her own story, and help educate people in a thoughtful and honest way about her experiences.


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