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Everything You Need To Know About Carter Reynolds Girlfriend Demi Plaras

Carter Reynolds and his girlfriend Demi Plaras can’t keep their hands off of each other.


Ever since they first announced their relationship back in November of 2016, the couple has made no effort to hide their affections from their fans on social media. If anything, it seems they are loving being able to talk about each other so openly.

So who is Demi exactly?

We’ve decided to dive into her life to get you the lowdown on everything you need to know about Carter Reynolds new love.


1. She lives in Montreal, Québec, and the two of them make long distance work!

2. She loves roses, and it looks like Reynolds loves to make sure she always has some.

3. She’s fluent in three languages, we’re jealous!

4. She’s not a big fan of the dentist, but then again who is?

5. Working out helps her stay calm and happy.

6. And finally, not only is she funny, but she has her priorities straight.


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