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Everything You Need To Know About The Saudi Arabian Influencer Who’s Dominating The Industry

You’ve probably seen Influencer Model Roz at major fashion and beauty brand events but we’re giving you the inside scoop on the LA-based blonde bombshell.

1.  Roz is originally from Medina, Saudi Arabia, however, she grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is now living in Los Angeles.

2. Her first name is Rozana but she goes by her stage name “Roz” which she’s been using since she started her career back home in Saudi Arabia.

3. Roz initially found it difficult to work with modeling agencies because some of the outfits she would be required to wear would not be appropriate in the Saudi community.

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4.  But she still persisted in the modeling agency despite those issues which is why she is the first Saudi Arabian model to achieve international success.

5. She’s been dubbed the ‘Barbie of the Arab Gulf’ by fans.

6. She has over 9+ million followers on Instagram.

7. She’s starred in SHEIN’s MBC TV Commercial and shot a video for Maybelline alongside Gigi Hadid

8. Roz is an ambassador for dozens of fashion and beauty companies

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10. And she’s a jet-setting socialite who’s attended every major brand launch or event from Mac Cosmetics to Fashion Nova.

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