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EXCLUSIVE Behind The Scenes Look At Couples Night Season 3!

We went behind the scenes on the set of Couples Night, and you guys are not gonna wanna miss out on the footage we got.

Already in its third season, Couples Night has been getting more and more attention from the public, and our boy Wuz Good even posted an open casting call for others to get the chance to land their own role in the series this time around.

“What they can expect from this season is a whole lot more wackiness, a lot better acting and a lot better directing.”

Everyone on set clearly has a great time filming, and really, why wouldn’t they? Being able to chill with your friends all while creating incredible content kinda seems like the dream to us, right?¬†This season is a bit different though, because the plot is geared more towards having an episodic ‘chapter’ feel, instead of having each episode be more so a stand alone piece of content. Oh yea, and it’s also about work husbands this time around, which if you don’t already know what that means, you’re def playing.

Don’t forget to check out the sick new remix for the Couples Night theme song produced by Trevor Wesley, performed by Izzy Diggs and featuring The Real Wakil that we have featured at the beginning of our video as well!

Check out our exclusive footage for all the details on the newest season of Couples Night!


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