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Exclusive: Breland Avdeev Teaches Us To Make Slime!

We got the exclusive slime tutorial from YouTuber, Breland Avdeev, and it turns out that we might actually be obsessed with slime too.

Known better by her username, GlitterForever17, Breland has gone through tons of themes and variations on her channel, but lately she’s landed right smack dab in the middle of the slime craze.

Despite this, it might come as a surprise to people that her favorite videos to make are actually special effects makeup tutorials.

“Special effects makeup is what I love to do. The problem is the people on my channel, they’re not really into special effects makeup, so that’s why I kinda continue with the edibles, because that’s what they enjoy.”

We also asked her about all those rumors surrounding her marriage, and whether or not it’s a publicity stunt like some of her fans seem to think it is, and boy did we get our answer. Let’s just say that you definitely won’t want to miss what she had to say about the subject.

Make sure to check out our full video for all the details about Breland’s relationship, as well as what exactly she was doing in Los Angeles, and of course, how to make the perfect glitter slime.


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